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V@sh the stampede

Post  vash on Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:10 am

Greetings, this is your president and founder of The Soul Society.

In-game Information:

Originally the organization was named H.o.l.y. and had its ups and downs. at times i had to leave leadership to trustworthy org members such as gnome, and jsbiii7.. I look at TSS as a family being we stuck together thru thick and thin, i made a promise to the org not to let you down. and if i fail i shall once again pass leadership..

Personally information:

I'm a father to my son and daughter, and love them with my heart and soul. My son lives with his mom being im restricted from seeing him, and my daughter is still yet to be conceived, but all is well.. i lived an abusive childhood and struggle along the way, my father is an experienced mason, and my mother works for general motors(GM), my brother is currently locked up for 15 years for car jacking, drug trafficking, and possession of fire arms. i have no other siblings that im aware of.. i currently live with my girl in a apartment within Waterford Michigan.. trust me you dont want to live the life i lived..

Join date : 2009-11-29
Age : 31
Location : Waterford, Michigan


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