Bakoenfo7...says Hello to all of you!

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Bakoenfo7...says Hello to all of you!

Post  bakoboy7 on Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:14 pm

Hello to all of you! I am Bako....most of my toons have "bako" in their names, so everybody calls me Bak or Bako! I am currently (as of this posting) a froob player **edit: I am paid on one account-Bakokeep7**. I plan on going paid eventually...I just would like to really ENJOY the game of Anarchy Online and get at least one toon (probably my enforcer: Bakoenfo7) to level 200 before going paid.

A little background about me: I was born and raised in Southern California, USA, and started playing AO in the year of umm....jeez...I believe 2009? hah. I was a TOTAL noob...had NO IDEA what I was doing AT ALL; however, as I got more and more into the game...and begun actually chatting with in-game players...I gradually picked up on the important aspects (and fun-ness) of the game..and became a part of this AWESOME org.

I am the type of player that loves helping others, and I have a tendency to "control" what's going on (if that's even possible at all, LOL) so the Enfo profession is very fitting for me at this point. However, I am also the type of gamer that "gets bored easily" so I am known for always rolling new toons to try different stuff out.

Bottom line: You want something, need something, or don't know something...hit me up. I can help you or refer you to some other orgmate that can (most likely Mortem/Knot/Corpus/Gnome...who I lovely dovely call, Kmort!)

I hope you enjoy your experience in-game, and enjoy your experience interacting with all of us in The Soul Society. I love this org! Never gonna leave it! Smile

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Re: Bakoenfo7...says Hello to all of you!

Post  Bunny on Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:41 am

Good to have you back Bako! And also GZ one more time for going paid albino


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