Rule's to follow

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Rule's to follow

Post  vash on Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:41 pm

Please follow the rules below, your actions will affect how people look at each and every one of us .

1) Whenever a player is acting rude or dislikes you, defend yourself properly or ignore them.
3) Don't be disrespectful to fellow Org members.
4) Do not beg for money or items it makes you and this org look bad.
5) Avoid using foul language.
6) Profiteering at the expense of other org members will not be tolerated
7) The profit from all loot dropped in Org raids will be split between those raiding (the entire time) unless otherwise made clear by the Gen or President leading the raid.

If you have a problem with an Org mate contact a General or the President of this Org.
(all rules are subject to interpretation by Org leadership)

these rules will help us become better player's as well as better people within,
as always ty for joining and maintaining the rule's.


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