"I'm blitzing in the rain" aka Corronacifra's intro thread

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"I'm blitzing in the rain" aka Corronacifra's intro thread

Post  Corronacifra on Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:41 pm

LO all!

Finally, after near a full month i've been in TSS, i've hit the register button for the forums Smile
Let me say i've been, and still i'm, very happy to have joined TSS and known some of you org mates: new ones and "old farts" Smile

Yeah... about me. In game my main toon is called "Corronacifra" fixer lvl 59. I've been playing AO since late 2011 in Rimor RK2: was near obliged to play in RK2 due to some unexplainable "powerlag" issue i was plagued at the time in RK1 . After like 7-8 months, a lot of creds farming+grinding+blitzing+solo/team mishes, and a good amount of help from some very nice people i've crashed onto on the way, i had a fixer main lvl 150ish wearing a Ga3, a lvl 100ish trader for some wranglers, a lvl100 engy bit twinked for foremans, lvl 100 mp and a full platora of under 60 Smile. After a long stop from AO i've been returning to the game to find a near empty Rimor RK2 server. So moved to RK1. Useless to say, now i cannot provide much help in game due to my gimpyness, but i hope this matter of fact will change in the future. I've always been fr00b and always pvm oriented so my knowledge besides my skills in pvp are zero. Must say i can be considered a rather slow player: i like to gather some stuff in advance for my toons so to render the lvling process easier; this ofc requires time to spend in game and results in my toons being stacked for days/weeks at the same level. To sum up: i blitz a lot!!! (in the rain ofc) cheers

Concerning real life: name is Daniele, i'm a male, 30 years old living in Rome ( real one ofc Wink ); sad to say but i'm still keep my studying going, i'm a bit tard Sad , working to finally gain this degree in physics (got a 1st level degree, working on 2nd level one). I've always been into sci-fi since childhood (Lego spaceships were my all time favorites cheers ), so you can easily understood why AO attracts me so much. Life has been rather easy for me till now, compared to what i've read in the forums about some org mates, and what i've been told in game speaking with others: not having to face life in all his rudeness makes me a rather immature person at my age for some aspects of it so... if you got this feeling in game speaking with me you can at least have a barely clue about it.

Think is enough for something which "was supposed" to be an introduction Smile

See you in game.

Kindly, Corronacifra.


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